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The Walking Dead (2016) Season 7 AVI MP4 MKV [Update Episode 07]

The Walking Dead (2010–)
44 min|Drama, Horror, Thriller|31 Oct 2010
8.6Rating: 8.6 / 10 from 658,027 usersMetascore: N/A
Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by the walking dead. Fighting the dead, fearing the living.

Last season ended with Rick and our group kneeling helplessly before Negan and his group. What Negan does will haunt those who survive forever.

Screenshoot The Walking Dead Season 7

Screenshoot The Walking Dead Season 7

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The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
Rick and his group kneels helplessly before Negan and the Saviors. What Negan does will haunt those who survive forever.
The Well
For a number of familiar faces, a new, well-established community seems too good to be true.
The Cell
Daryl is taken by Negan to the Sanctuary, home of the Saviors. Meanwhile, Dwight is sent on a mission to bring back a runaway member of his group.
Back at Alexandria, Rick and his group mourn the tragic events that have occurred recently, but soon receive a visit from Negan.
Go Getters
Maggie and Sasha recover from their grief at the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Carl and Enid journey to the community, as Simon and the Saviors arrive to get their tribute.
Away from all the tragedy caused by Negan and his Saviors, Tara and Heath run into trouble after crossing paths with a mysterious new group.

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Sing Me a Song
A deeper look at the Sanctuary and the world of Negan and the Saviors; members of Alexandria look for supplies.
Hearts Still Beating
Negan’s unwelcome visit to Alexandria continues as other members scavenge for supplies; things quickly spin out of control.
Release Date: 11 December 2016 (USA)

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